While the Maori organizers will cover the expenses for participants during their staying in New Zealand, we need to cover transport costs for travel to and from NewZealand. We plan to send, at most, 15 participants making transportation cost over 2,000,000 yen. With pre- and post- departure expenses, and other miscellaneous costs, we will require3,000,000yen. We will make every effort to raise funds by selling Ainu goods and holding events, however, these activities alone will not be enough to cover all of the expenses. Therefore, we are currently seeking contributions from individuals,organizations, and businesses who believe in this program, without which we cannot make this program a reality. There are two ways you can donate- through ginko furikomi or Indiegogo!

Donations of $25 receive a mukkuri, an Ainu instrument
The mukkuri is a type of jaw harp

Donations of $50 receive program T-shirt

Donations of $100- Chikara- We will create it .

Chikara- strength
Donations of $200
Riku- Rise

Those who contribute over $400 will receive a woodblock print made specially for this programme by Kouji Yuuki. 

Exhibition of Kouji Yuuki's work. Center piece made for this program- Ainu and Maori Gods Meet
Contributions of $450 or more receive this woodblock print
Yuki Koji holding his woodblock print

For donations outside of Japan, please donate through Paypal:

For donations within Japan:

●Individual contributions accepted from 1000yen in increments of 1000 yen
●Organizational/Corporate contributions in increments of 10,000 yen   
●Donation method- Bank Transfer Deposit:

   Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Hashimoto Branch
   (Ordinary) 0526312 
   Aotearoa Ainumosiri koryu puroguramu jikkouiinnkai   
   Postal Transfer : 00200-7-54530 Aotearoa Ainumosiri koryu puroguramu jikkouiinnkai

We will update this blog to report the progress of the program.