Erana and Ruakere have arrived- Workshops on Community Ainu immersion environments in Tokyo, Sapporo, Nibutani, and Akan

Erana Brewerton (Tai Rawhiti) and Ruakere Hond (Taranaki) of Te Ataarangi just arrived in Tokyo to lead workshops in Tokyo, Nibutani, and Akan Ainu communities on language revitalization for two weeks. The focus will be on developing an Ainu-approach to language teaching based in Ainu culture, traditions, and values, while drawing upon Te Ataarangi methods of language teaching. Completely independent of the government, the Aynu Itak Revitalization Society, an initiative born out of participants experience through the AAEP exchange in Aotearoa, is receiving funding sponsorship from LUSH to invite these two revered experts to Japan. Erana also led workshops on creating community-based immersion environments last year in Tokyo, Nibutani, and Akan.

Public events include:

  • August 22nd, Yaesu Tokyo Ainu Culture Center, 6pm
  • August 26th, Nibutani Ainu Museum Chise, 630pm
  • September 1st, Ainu Culture Hokkaido University Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, 630pm

For more information refer to:

Te Ataarangi

Aynu Itak Revitalization Society

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